What is ATML Pad?

ATML Pad™ is a visual editor for ATML. The current version of ATML Pad supports a core subset of the ATML Test Description format. More features and ATML formats will be added in future versions.

Why do I need ATML Pad?

1. Intuitive Visual Interface. While XML is an excellent choice for exchanging data between computer programs, is not intended to be created manually. Product and test engineers should not be concerned with XML concepts such as elements, attributes, type inheritance, or constraints. ATML Pad allows you to focus on describing your tests, exposing a visual interface with data items familiar to test engineers: tests, test results, limits, preconditions, and so on.

ATMLPad User Interface

2. Manages the Complexity of XML. The ATML formats are versatile but complex. Direct editing of ATML Test Description in XML is next to impossible, even with capable XML editors. ATML Pad manages "behind the scenes" the complexity of the ATML format. For illustration, the two images to the right show the description of a test sequence step directly in XML, and using ATML Pad. Note how ATML Pad abstracts XML ID references, allowing you to simply select the referenced item from a list. In addition, ATML Pad can generate XML IDs automatically and ensures that IDs remain unique while you edit the data.

Sequence Step in XML Sequence Step in ATML Pad

3. Efficient Data Input. ATML Pad offers various productivity features. For example, it allows you to quickly generate complex ATML constructs through a single mouse click.

ATML Pad Quick Command

4. Comprehensive Data Validation. ATML Pad validates your data during input and on-demand, ensuring that valid ATML documents are produced. Validation is performed against the XML Schema and against the rules specified in the text of the IEEE standard.

ATML Online Validation ATML On Demand Validation

How can I get ATML Pad?

Click the button below to request access to the evaluation software. A password and download instructions will be emailed to you in response.

After you receive the password, click the button below to download the evaluation software.

What else can I do with ATML Pad?

Microsoft Word Test Specification You can import ATML Test Description data from Microsoft Word test specifications.

TestStand Sequence You can export ATML Test Description data to NI TestStand using the NI TestStand ATML Toolkit

What if I need more from ATML Pad?

You can extend ATML Pad by creating custom plugins that import, process, or export ATML Test Description data. The development of plugins is facilitated by a clean object-oriented API that abstracts XML data, automating the management of XML IDs and ID references.