NI TestStand Exporter Plugin


The NI TestStand ATML Toolkit is an add-on component of National Instruments (NI) TestStand. It allows TestStand to translate ATML Test Description documents into TestStand sequences and code modules written in LabVIEW or LabWindows™/CVI.

The NI TestStand ATML Toolkit is integrated with ATML Pad through a plug-in, using the standard ATML Test Description format. ATML Pad invokes the translator on the model that is currently loaded. The translator generates the test program and opens the generated sequence file in TestStand.

Exporter Plugin

The following example shows an ATML Test Description project in ATML Pad, followed by the NI TestStand Sequence and a LabWindows™/CVI code module produced by running the plugin.

ATML Test Description to be exported Exported NI TestStand sequence file Exported LabWindows™/CVI code module

Out-of-the-box Code Generation

The default conversion process supported by the Test Description Translator is as follows:

Out-of-the-box Code Generation

Custom Code Generators

The translation process can be enhanced by developing custom code generators.

The custom code generator translates test behavior information (usually Operations, but can be a custom format) into source code implementing that behavior.

Out-of-the-box Code Generation

Depending on the target ATS platform, the auto-generated code will contain:

The following figure illustrated two possible solutions for automatic code generation.

Custom Code Generation Examples

OSA-RTS Integration

A solution based on IEEE 1641 TPL inserts is implemented in the OSA-RTS:

OSA-RTS Integration

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