SysML Plugins


The ATML Pad plugins for SysML perform bidiectional data translation between:

The plugins implement the following basic mapping between SysML data and eXpressML data:

SysML to eXpressML mapping

SysML Importer to eXpressML

This ATML Pad plugin imports SysML data from the XMI format exported by MagicDraw into the eXpressML data interchange format of DSI eXpress.

The following example shows an IBD from the original SysML model and the imported eXpress design. Note that this is a hierarchical model.

SysML being imported, in MagicDraw Imported eXpressML, in DSI eXpress

The dimensions and location of all objects are preserved during translation. The connectors get automatically rerouted by eXpress.

eXpressML Exporter to SysML

This ATML Pad plugin exports data from the eXpressML data interchange format of DSI eXpress into the XMI format imported by MagicDraw.

The following example shows the original eXpress model and the IBD of the exported SysML. While this is not a hierarchical model, note that the plugin does support the export of hierarchical models.

eXpressML being imported, in DSI eXpress Imported SysML, in MagicDraw

The dimensions and location of all objects are preserved during translation. The SysML connectors were rerouted in MagicDraw, for clarity.

Round-trip Translation

The following screen capture shows the SysML model from the previous example, re-exported to eXpress.

Imported SysML, in MagicDraw

All the eXpress properties supported by SysML or the eXpressML profile are preserved during round-trip translation.

SysML Profile for eXpressML

The ATML Pad distribution includes a specialized SysML profile that allows the representation of some eXpress-specific data directly in SysML. The diagram below shows the stereotypes defined in the eXpressML profile.

eXpressML profile for SysML

The eXpressML profile is used by the plugins as follows:

Custom SysML Plugins

If your existing SysML models make use of company-specific tools, profiles or modeling techniques that are not supported by the SysML plugins included in ATML Pad, please contact us through the Support Request form to discuss the development of customized plugins.

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