Use ATML Pad to develop test descriptions in a standard format, independent of any test platform or programming language. Target these descriptions to specific platforms through code generation.

Rely on the industry standard formats supported by ATML Pad to standardize test development and maintenance processes across the enterprise.

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Focus on describing your tests, letting ATML Pad manage the complexity of the ATML formats. Use the intuitive visual interface, efficient data input, and comprehensive data validation.

Perform automatic conversions between the ATML/XML formats supported natively by ATML Pad and other document formats for test and diagnostic data.

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Extend ATML Pad by creating custom plugins that import, process, or export data. The development of plugins is facilitated by a .NET object-oriented API that abstracts the underlying XML data.

Use ATML Pad with third-party applications to provide a end-to-end solutions, supporting the full life cycle of the system or unit under test.

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